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    I installed OpenDJ with the intention of using it as my external identity repository. In the OpenAM installation docs, one of the recommendation was not to use “CN=Directory Manager” as the data store administrator; instead create another user with appropriate privileges. So I created a Open AM administrator user along with all the necessary privileges as mentioned in chapter (in OpenAM 13 Installation guide).

    However, when I try to provide this user while custom configuring OpenAM, I get an ‘invalid password’ error. I dont get that error when I give Directory Manager. I even tried creating another user using OpenDJ GUI but still got the same error for the second user.

    Any idea as to where I am missing?


    No response from anyone?

    I am going to attempt this once again by deleting the global acls, user account etc. hopefully I am able to catch what I missed..In the meantime, if anyone has seen this issue, please respond as it would help a ton !


    Alright..I was able to get this to work.
    Once OpenDJ is configured and all appropriate permissions set for the Data Store Administrator, in the OpenAM installation page, we need to provide the full DN (example, uid=openam,ou=admins,dc=example,dc=com) instead of ‘CN=OpenAM Administrator’.
    This time I was able to get past the ‘Invalid Password’ error in the installation screen.
    Hopefully this helps someone who faces similar issue as the document does not seem to give enough clear instructions.

    Note: I feel the ‘Invalid password’ is not an appropriate error for this scenario. Hope someone from the product team is able to validate this ! @peter-major or @rajeshr , fyi please.

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