OpenAM – Need to customize the XUI based on the realm

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    I need to customize the OpenAM XUI screens based on the realm for, this customization just want to do for specific self-services screens (login screen, user registration screen an forgot password screen).

    I’m able to customize for these screen for only root level realm (/) with help of themeConfig.json file it has been located in the XUI folder.

    OpenAM Version : 12.0.2

    Please someone advise me weather this kind of realm-based XUI customization possible or not in OpenAM (12.0.2), if its possible please provide some help to do this.


     Scott Heger

    Take a look at this video blog by @rajeshr:

    I realize his video blog is based on OpenAM 13, but it may still help.


    @Scott, Thanks for your response :)

    It was nice video blog and OpenAM 13 has elegant look and feel UI.

    But our requirement is to do customization only on the OpenAM 12.0.2 version.


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