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    Anyone have idea how to localization of openAM for both end user and also admin console. after looking!/docs/openam/13/install-guide/chap-custom-ui#update-classic-ui this article find out the way to localization of XUI but there no article about to localization admin.

    Can anyone provide me details steps for this.


     Rogerio Rondini


    In the WEB-INF/lib you will find the “openam-core-xxxx.jar” which holds a bunch of localization properties. For example, “”,”, “”, “”, etc.
    I believe you need to create files for your language. If I were to translate to my language I would do “” and so on.


    Yes there are all properties file. but do you know where to set locale parameter in openam UI or is there any steps to set a locale.

    1) configuration -> server and sites -> site name…-> default locale. (de_DE)

    it is other place where i need to set locale in openAM.

    your response will be appreciate.

     Rogerio Rondini


    I think you can change the Browser locale, and/or set JVM parameter “ -Duser.language=en” or add query string parameter in the first URL “?locate=en”.


    I have tried this option. but didn’t help.

    So i have updated the machine locale using command like.(Ubuntu)

    > sudo locale-gen de_DE.UTF-8 (generate locale)
    > update-locale LANG=de_DE.UTF-8

    then restart openAM service. after I am getting admin console in German Language.

    Thanks for your support :)

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