OpenAM JEE Policy Agents 3.5 & 5.x

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    why ForgRock will stop supporting OpenAM JEE Policy Agents(3.5)

    and the newer versions from Java Agents 5.x only support AM 5.5 and later. and Not Support openAM


    If I used openAM with JEE Policy Agents(3.5) is this will be a bad decision because I will be stuck with this version from openAM and JEE agent?

    Also is openAM product differ from AM product? 1.which one I can use it in a production environment? 2. which one is free and opensource?

     Peter Major

    1) strictly speaking you can use both of them in production environment, but if you use OpenAM, you would be using a really outdated product with potential security issues. If you were to use AM on the other hand you would need to obtain a subscription with ForgeRock.
    2) OpenAM is free and open source, but it has not received any updates for a couple of years now. The AM product is commercially available and is kept up to date.


    thanks @peter-major

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