OpenAM in OSX El Captain :- not loading the login page

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     Kabi Patt


    I am trying to showcase some OpenAM capabilities to my management. So installed OpenAM 13.0 with Embeded-DJ on Tomcat 8 with JDK 8 on my OSX-El-Captain. I installed and completed the OpenAM configuration, but no luck in getting the the first login screen to the admin console so far.

    I am getting “Loading….” message for the URL

    And seeing the HTTP 500 message in tomcat access-log for
    POST /openam/json/authenticate? HTTP/1.1″ 500 5

    Any of you has seen this issue and resolved it ?


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     Peter Major

    Do you see the response body for the json/authenticate call? Is there a detailed error message for that HTTP 500? Have you checked the debug logs?

     Kabi Patt

    Thank you Peter. I resolved it by upgrading to openam 14 snapshot war file. I did not check the jason response before. Openam 13 has some issues I guess.


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