OpenAM IDP Discovery with Multiple IDPs

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    I’ve been trying to setup an IDP discovery environment that talks to two IDPs: a local OpenAM IDP, and a third-party IDP.

    Following this guide, I now have IDP discovery working with the local OpenAM.

    However, for the third-party IDP, I realized I need to add LOA info. To do the same, I followed the exact steps as in the guide above and edited the metadata at the proxy IDP.

    It doesn’t work. I get the “AuthnContext doesn’t match RequestedAuthnContext.” error.

    What could be a fix?

    Ideas: I don’t know where in the proxyidpfinder.jsp, I could get rid of the LOA parameter. That should, to my understanding, get rid of the error. Or maybe I’m focusing on the wrong area.

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