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    Hi all,
    I have been facing some issues recently where any new users getting created are not getting displayed by the OpenAM identity page .It is currently displaying 2001 users.Can someone please tell me if there is any setting that needs to be changed for it to display all the users .

     Scott Heger


    First be aware that the Identities page in AM is very user unfriendly. There is no search capability anymore and when you have it load large numbers of users the page can take a long time to load. That said, there is a setting in your Identity Store called “Maximum Results Returned from Search”. The default value for that is 1000. If you have more users in your underlying repository than the value set here then you won’t see those additional users. I would highly recommend you use some other mechanism to view your users, like an LDAP client.

    Hope that helps,

     Andy Cory

    ForgeRock will tell you forcefully and often that AM is not an identity management product despite having some capabilities in this area. The functionality remains because some customers do use it, but a tool like ForgeRock IDM is more suited to identity management use-cases. The identity page in AM is useful to check if the datastore definition is working correctly, but not much else, as Scott says. Apache Directory Studio is a good, cost-free tool that is much more useful for administrating identities in AM’s backend repository.


     William Hepler

    There’s some options covered in the following KB.

    There’s also an RFE here:

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