OpenAM feature to prompt for an update at login, based on a attribute

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    Hello All,

    Is there a nag feature, from OpenAM, which will prompt for an update at login, based on a last updated/confirmed timestamp attribute?

    The requirement is whenever an user tries to access/login to an application after an year there should be an email notification sent to user to check and update the profile information in order to login to application.

    Is this possible through password policy to check for updated/confirmed timestamp attribute and trigger an email to user to update the profile information.

    Please suggest if there are any other alternatives to implement this feature.

     Andy Cory

    There is nothing out of the box that fulfils your requirements. However, a custom authentication module to do this wouldn’t be a complex task. Once the user has given his credentials to the custom module it can query his identity in your data store, pulling back whichever timestamp you use and the mail address. If you add the email service to your realm, it would be trivial to have the custom module send an email to the profile mail address.

    Writing custom authentication modules is well documented for all OpenAM versions.


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