OpenAM Authorization-failed error when timed-out cookie present in the browser


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    We are getting “Authorization Failed” error from OpenAM after successful authentication, when
    – browser has a timed-out (stale) cookie.
    – and more than one OpenAM servers are UP in the cluster.

    We do not see this issue when one OpenAM server is running.

    How to Reproduce: –
    (1) Successfully authenticate to the protected app (,
    (2) wait for 15-minute idle session time out. close the browser, do not clear the cache or cookie.
    (3) Open the same browser and access the protected-app.
    (4) After successful authentication, We see Authorization failed page.

    Anybody has seen this issue ? We are using OpenAM 13.5 .


     Scott Heger 

    Is the Authorization failed page from OpenAM or from your App?


    Thank you Scott .

    The problem is resolved now. This was caused by random connection failure between OpenAM and UserStore.

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