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    I have setup OpenAM (13.0.0) to act as IdP and using it to authenticate user for a SP (Cloud application). I have configured the IdP as hosted under a sub realm and add a separate datastore to store the user information for IdP.

    The SP initiated SSO works fine with Chrome and Firefox but noticed that it fails when I try to do the SSO from Safari browser.

    I looked into the network traffic and compared the working case vs Safari case and I see that in one of the redirects/forward done in browser after the backend sends request to authenticate the SSO user, the query parameter ( ?realm=/myidprealm ) has gone missing and causing the authenticate page of root realm (/) to show up for user to enter credentials.

    Any ideas?

     William Hepler

    13.0.0 is a pretty old version and I believe there are fixes for Safari specifically. Forgerock would recommend moving to a later version. 13.5.2 is available but see the following, as 13.x.x is already first state EOSL, You should be looking to use 5.5.x at least or the latest version 6.5.2.

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