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    Hello Everyone,

    Do you have any idea whether OpenAM and OpenDJ requires a license to use them in productio environment ?

     Rajesh R 

    @rakeshongolu You need to get a subscription license for all ForgeRock Software components when it goes to Production. You have some details about it at the link below:

    Some how the URL pasted in my reply is not showing up. So know more about how to buy ForgeRock Products go to -> Platform -> How to buy

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    • This reply was modified 3 years, 5 months ago by  Rajesh R.

    The binaries build by ForgeRock are released with a license that requires that you have a subscription with ForgeRock to run them in production. These binaries are built from the open source project but are going under heavy testing and validation. Otherwise, the code source for OpenAM and OpenDJ are released under the CDDL license, and can be used accordingly to this license, but based on your knowledge and experience, and at your own risks.

     Jamie Bowen 

    The link is not available, is it possible to get correct link ?


    If you post your question here I’ll be able to help – the document referenced above is out of date.


    The question is about getting/finding actual information regarding licensing and subscription models for Forgerock open * products. Can you help on that ?

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