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    Hi all, I am working with an OpenAM server running on amazon EC2 virtual machine. I have configured the Social Authentication Modules for Facebook and Google, and I am getting the same “Request not valid !”. The problem appears with

    I am using a public IP and I am not using DNS CNAME.

    I would appreciate greatly your guidance on this problem.

     Scott Heger

    Did you add your OAuthProxy.jsp URL into your Facebook and Google developer accounts as a valid URL? Also, are you saying that you have OpenAM configured to answer up via an IP address and not a FQDN? Or are you just specifying the OAuthProxy.jsp URL using the IP? In both cases you really should use an FQDN.


    Hi Scott. First of all, I configured the OpenAM server using the IP address of the amazon EC2 virtual machine (a public IP address). I do not have a domain (DNS) to use on my site so I decided to use the IP Address.

    I did add the OAuthProxy.jsp URL into Facebook and Google apps:

    For Facebook I used the exact URL that the social module on OpenAM showed me as: (with the IP address)

    But for Google I used the FQDN version of the URL as:

    If the IP Address is the source of the error, how can I change the configuration on the OpenAM to work with the FQDN that Amazon AWS also provides?

    Thanks a lot for your help.

     Peter Major

    Your issues are coming from cookies and cookie domains. You should have a look at the cookie domain setting (Configuration > System > Platform) and make sure that whatever is you have set is going to match the cookie domain of (which would be *exactly*, since anything less would be a TLD).

    After that you just need to access the login interface on the domain and you should be good to go.

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