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    I have been attempting to set up LDAP with our OpenAM configuration. I was working in Chapter 2 of the admin guide, Defining Authentication Services. In section 2.4.14, Hints for the LDAP Authentication Module, I created a password for the cn=Directory Manager user name. I saved. I then moved onto section 2.5, Configuring Authentication Chains. I followed the instructions: created an LDAP and DataStore modules using the options in the admin guide. When I went to test the authentication chain, it did not work. My admin account must have then timed out because it logged me out. When I try to log in using my admin account, it does not work. I have tried to log in using “Directory Manger” and “cn=Director Manager” and the password I assigned it. Those don’t work. I am unable to access anything in OpenAM using my admin account, which worked just an hour ago. I am completely locked out of my account. Please help.

     Peter Major

    Try to login at /openam/UI/Login?module=DataStore

     Scott Heger

    You won’t log into OpenAM with cn=Directory Manager. The main admin account is “amadmin”.

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