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    I would like to know if it’s possible to configure several authentications on the same realm for several URL web, for example in my realm [/] on OpenAM, I’ve 3 URL:

    And I want for my first URL one authentication by Pop-up, my second URL by OpenAM form and my third by double authentication.

    Currently I made 3 authentications chaining, but I don’t know how to specify an authentication mechanism for different from the one inherited from the realm [/]. How it can be configured and where exactly ?

    Thank you for your help

     Peter Major

    I’ve started to detail these things on your first question:

    If you are really interested in how authentication works, then you could read this too:



    Ok; Now I change my method. I have 2 realms.

    My first realm [/] with:
    – One authentication by form.
    – One strategy on application:
    – One Web agent; installed for one Apache server.

    When I test, my URL work.

    After I have a second Realm (for example: realm1), my Realm1 inherit of my first Realm.
    In my second Realm I have:
    – One authentication by Pop-up.
    – One strategy on application:

    However, when I try to connect on this URL, I have an error message: “forbidden you don’t have permission to access /appli1/ on this server”.

    Do you know why ?


     Peter Major

    Forbidden may be caused by policy evaluation failure, but there could be lots of potential reasons to it, I would suggest to have a look at the debug logs and look for further clues.


    I found the solution to my problem; thank you for your help.

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