OpenAM 13: UMA: deleting resources

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    I am trying to delete a resource set created in UMA in openam13.
    After creating it, i got a etag like

    Notice the W the, / and the minus sign.

    If i try to send that etag to delete it, i got an error.
    In bug, it seems it works, but ironically the etag received and sent are diferent. The sign changes.
    In documentation , the etag seems to be like a positive number, so it works out of the box.
    But i got a “W / – number” after creating the RSet; and i dont know what to send exactly , with the “” , with the w , with the /, only the negative number….

    In another bug, it seems that it must be used the etag received after getting a second time the resource. But the bug was closed.

    -Is the etag received after creating, valid to delete the rset? Or i must do another GET operation to read it, and get another (sucessfull?) etag?
    -In any case, how must the etag be sent? Any example, please? The W/ must be sent? The “” must be escaped?


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