openAm 12.0.0 failed to add user using external opendj

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    I had build and install openam 12 from source code, from svn checkout
    svn checkout

    after that I had used external OpenDJ-2.6.0 with openam , installation is successful.
    But when I add new user and click OK I got error

    Error :”Plug-in org.forgerock.openam.idrepo.ldap.DJLDAPv3Repo encountered a ldap exception. ldap errorcode=65

    Also check in OpenDJ-2.6.0 logs access logs:

    [25/Feb/2015:16:27:00 +0530] ADD RES conn=6 op=131 msgID=132 result=65 message=”Entry uid=indranis,dc=xyz,dc=net violates the Directory Server schema configuration because it contains an unknown objectclass iPlanetPreferences” etime=2

    Same exception I got when I try to add group ,

    but able to solve referring following link:

    remove manually from Data Store – opends and remove groupOfURLs or groupOfUniqueNames from the LDAP Groups Object Class

    Is there is issue with openDJ2.6 version , or any changes do I need to configure?

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    • This topic was modified 7 years, 5 months ago by Indrani.
     Peter Major

    Go to Access Control – realm – Data stores – data store. If OpenDJ shows up there as “Sun DS with OpenAM schema”, then remove the data store and configure a new data store with OpenDJ type (probably you are running into ).

    Alternatively just edit the Data store settings so the LDAP user/group objectclasses setting no longer lists iPlanetPreferences any more.


    The issue here is we have installed external open user data store and embedded config store. The connection is successful before we install openAM with openDJ, i am wondering from where it picks up “Sun DS with OpenAM schema” if data store is openDJ ldap schema in configuration right?


    Thanks Peter for reply,

    For now I solve this issue by installing openAM with embeded dataStore and then after installation configuring it with an external opendj store and removed embedded one. able to add users/groups.

    while installation if we configure openam 12 and openDJ-2.6 at the same time ,it take by default
    Sun DS with OpenAM schema, which gives me error., may be this is related what you mention bug fix in openam13

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