OpenAm enterprise binary downloads is same as source code available in SVN

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    we wil be using openam 12 for production enviornment, build openam 12.0.0 from source code, my question is for development purpose we can able to use enterprise version download from forgerock,

    Is there any difference between enterprise download version and source code availbale for openam12 in SVN, based on any bug fix, feature etc.

    same case with external OpenDj source code and downloaded enterprise version are same?


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     Jamie Bowen

    Hi Indrani,

    There is no difference between the enterprise download version of 12.0.0 and the source code. However, at some point 12.0.1 support release will be made available and if you are in production you will definitely want to be building from that rather than from the 12.0.0 code base.

    If you’re an enterprise customer you will have access to the 12.0.1 maintenance release branch and will be able to build from that when it is released.

    Hope that helps?



    Thanks Jamie for reply, yeah got it.

     Peter Major

    The enterprise build is not really special, the main difference you can see between a local build and an enterprise build is that the SecurID authentication module is also available in the enterprise version. If you have access to the RSA authapi library, then you could just run:
    mvn clean install -Prelease,forgerock-release

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