Open DJ to Active directory Multimaster Replication

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    Hi Aces,

    I have searched far and wide for the documentation which gives me insight to Multimaster replication between Open DJ and another LDAP preferably Active Directory. Any pointer would be great



    i believe i wrote it all wrong , its sync between AD and OpenDJ thru importing LDIF.
    Are there step on step documentation on how to make this happen?


    As there is no standard for LDAP MultiMaster Replication, there is no interoperability between different vendors.
    But it is possible to synchronize content between OpenDJ and Active Directory with the use of our Identity Management tool. You might want to read the OpenIDM / ForgeRock Identity Management documentation for this.

     Sebastien Gagne

    Here is an example of synchronizing changes between two different LDAP servers (Sun DSEE and OpenDJ), in your case you would be swapping Sun DSEE for Active Directory and using AD’s own changelog sync.

    It isn’t true replication, but the sync can be fast enough for many applications.

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