Obtain Request URL in groovy script module

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    we do have a requirement to do some operations in JWT token attributes based on where the request is coming from (App basis).

    I have used getHostname function like below

    William Hepler (ForgeRock Support)
    May 27, 2020, 9:16:20 PM GMT+1

    We were able to test using the following format:

    logger.warning(“**** session attribute ” + session.getHostName() + ” ****”);
    This would return

    WARNING: OpenAMScopeValidator.getUserInfo(): Got an empty result for claim=locale
    OAuth2Provider:05/27/2020 02:05:52:317 PM MDT: Thread[ScriptEvaluator-0,5,main]: TransactionId[856bd7ef-d577-41f3-a8e4-e0561445f56c-6321]
    WARNING: **** session attribute ****

    It is giving an IP address, how can i obtain where the request is coming from like https://xyz.com.

    Thank you

     Jatinder Singh

    If you want to find client’s IP address/host, one of the options is to use X-Forwarded-for headers. And if you want to rely on X-Forwarded-for headers for your authentication/authorization, you need to do your due-diligence and make the effort to ensure it’s the real client ip address and not a spoofed one. Essentially you want your proxy to reach into a request > find the actual ip/host and set those values in the X-Forwarded-for headers.

    Hope this helps!

     Jatinder Singh

    I forgot to mention the second part. Once you have those headers set by your proxy, you can access them through a request object like below.


    request.getRequest().getHeaders() // request is of type OAuth2Request
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