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    I’m having trouble creating an authorization code grant using the OpenAM OAuth2 REST API in OpenAM 13.5.0. The url is:


    I have included the SSO cookie as a header:
    Cookie iPlanetDirectoryPro=<big_token_string_here>

    The request parameters are:

    I can’t find any good curl examples in the admin or dev guides. Has anyone had luck getting the oauth2/authorize endpoint working outside of a browser? (We are attempting to handle the grant creation via an app using Spring’s RestTemplate)



    Do you have some logs to be able to give you relevant information?

    Maybe there is something which can help.

    Did you change name of your cookie? In this case you have to use cookie “nameofyourcookie” instead of iPlanetDirectoryPro.


    Unfortunately, there isn’t really any logging for the oauth2 functionality in OpenAM 13.5. We expanded the logging level, and checked the /log and /debug logs, but still didn’t get any clues.

    Yes, we tried both the default iPlanetDirectoryPro cookie name, and our own cookie name. Same results.

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