OAuth2 user's CN being shortened.

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    We are having an issue using the oauth service in OpenAM. I have configured OpenAM to have a service/client called TestClient, and am using OAuth as part of an authentication chain. The OAuth module is called after an X509 module. Any time we use a certificate/user who has a space in their CN OpenAM is unable to map this user. Upon inspection of the log i noticed that my “username” starts out as Zurborg,zurbors01,Seth but somehow gets shortened to just “Zurborg”. The Full cn of my certificate is “Zurborg Seth zurbors01”.

    I tried using a certificate that contained no spaces in its cn, and it had no problems. It was able to find the user, and populate the needed fields.

     Peter Major

    Sounds like you are running into a bug, can you file this in JIRA with full set of reproduction steps?


    Bug report filed.
    Jira Link

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