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    I have question from a customer that wants to call /authorize using a POST request instead of a GET. I only see examples of GET on the interwebs, and RFC6749 only refers to a GET… – but then again, doesn’t explicitly state it MUST be a GET…

    Is it valid to be able to handle POST in this call, and has anyone done this before?

     Andy Cory

    Hi Ian

    I can’t say I’ve had any need to do this before, but the usual flow is that the GET to /authorize results in a consent form in the response with the parameters from the initial request in hidden fields. The submit of that form is a POST back to /authorize, so that endpoint can certainly process a POST.



    Thanks Andy,

    Makes sense. Not sure of the rationale, but assuming this is not a *wrong* thing to do, looks like we’ll just go make it work.


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