Not able to start DS-5 server

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    I am trying to install DS-5 on my windows machine. I executed setup.bat in interactive mode with the following equivalent command:
    D:\FR5\DS5\opendj\setup.bat directory-server –instancePath “D:\FR5\DS5\opendj” –rootUserDn “cn=Directory Manager” –rootUserPassword “******” –hostname “” –adminConnectorPort “5444” –doNotStart –enableWindowsService –ldapPort “1389” –enableStartTls –ldapsPort “1636” –addBaseEntry –baseDn “dc=example,dc=com” –backendType “je-backend”

    and got the following response:
    Validating parameters….. Done
    Configuring certificates….. Done
    Configuring server….. Done
    Enabling Windows service……. Done
    Creating base entry dc=example,dc=com………… Done

    To see basic server status and configuration, you can launch

    I ran start-ds.bat. The net1.exe window appeared and just vanished. But the server is not starting. In the logs folder I have only the native-window.out file and it says “Service ‘OpenDJ Server’ is enabled. main returning 0.”
    And the following error:
    serviceMain: doStartApplication: batch command spawn failed. ERROR: serviceMain: doStartApplication() failed. Updating the service status. statusToSet=1 win32ExitCode=1066 serviceExitCode=-1 checkPoint=0 waitHint=0

    And I am not able to start the server. I tried disabling windows service and starting the server. Then the request is getting timed out with logs stopping at “start-ds.bat: Waiting for “D:\FR5\DS5\opendj\logs\server.starting” to be deleted “

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    Actually while trying to disable windows service and start the server the timeout is happening with logs as follows:

    start-ds.bat: Waiting for “D:\FR5\DS5\opendj\logs\server.starting” to be deleted
    start-ds.bat: check started
    (pid=10792) ————— FIRST LOG MESSAGE FROM ‘D:\FR5\DS5\opendj\lib\opendj_service.exe’ —————
    (pid=10792) main called.
    (pid=10792) argv[0] = ‘D:\FR5\DS5\opendj\lib\opendj_service.exe’
    (pid=10792) argv[1] = ‘state’
    (pid=10792) argv[2] = ‘D:\FR5\DS5\opendj’
    (pid=10792) argv[3] = ‘–debug’
    (pid=10792) Getting service state.
    (pid=10792) When determining the service bin path, the module file name is ‘D:\FR5\DS5\opendj\lib\opendj_service.exe’.
    (pid=10792) Created the service bin path. code=0. cmdToRun='”D:\FR5\DS5\opendj\lib\opendj_service.exe” start “D:\FR5\DS5\opendj”‘.
    (pid=10792) Attempting to get the service name assuming command to run is ‘”D:\FR5\DS5\opendj\lib\opendj_service.exe” start “D:\FR5\DS5\opendj”‘.
    (pid=10792) Successfully opened the Service Control Manager.
    (pid=10792) The service name was found to be ”.
    (pid=10792) Service ” is disabled.
    (pid=10792) main returning 1.
    start-ds.bat: finished


    Is there a file named server.out under D:\FR5\DS5\opendj\logs ? If so, can you post the content ?
    Normally, the setup command would start the server. Output will appear in server.out and also in logs\errors as soon as the logging system is initialized.


    D:\FR5\DS5\opendj\logs is having only one file(native-windows.out).



    Is this issue fixed? I am facing the same issue on my Windows 10 machine with OpenDS 5.5.0 and any help would be appreciated!


    I am also facing same issue with openDS installation in Win 10 machine. Could you please help me out. Quick response will be appreciated.


    Please check your java bit version, with 64 bit java8 i got luck both for windows10 & windows7.
    Cheers!! Sivaji Kummamuri

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