No OpenID Connect provider for realm Error in OpenAM 13

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    Hi all,

    I’m getting the below error when trying to get the access token.

    {“error_description”:”No OpenID Connect provider for realm /”,”error”:”not_found”}

    I followed [1] and added the openid scope in the OAuth2Provider.xml as below. Still no luck. Am I doing this wrong? Can you please point me the exact place where I need to do the change?




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     William Hepler

    Did you set this up manually or did you use the UI?

    The wizard does some steps that in the Jira were found could be missed.

    Can you provide the logs to see if you are getting a similar 500 response?

     Andy Cory

    As per a previous thread, updating the service XML descriptor isn’t really the recommended way to change OpenAM configuration if there’s a UI equivalent; be prepared for unpredictable behaviour!


    Wanted to mention that this error might be caused by not having run the OpenID Connect wizard as specified in this guide:

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