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    Hi there, I’m playing with DS6 and couldn’t find control-panel in bin folder. Is it deprecated in DS6? Thanks.


    Yes, it was deprecated and has been removed in DS6.


    Thanks Ludo. It was nice meeting you in the Austin event.

    Just trying to understand. So this means DS operation in version 6 will rely more on command lines? I just think a GUI-based tool sometimes is convenient. Just curious why the control-panel is discontinued instead of just staying in the package? Also, is there any other GUI-based tool that can be used? Thanks.

     Bill Nelson

    The Control Panel has not been updated for several years (maybe even a decade or so). It is a very limited product that, while nice for teaching concepts, was very limited in practical use.

    I prefer to use Softerra’s LDAP Browser/Administrator for interacting with OpenDJ data (dc=ex,dc=com; cn=schema, cn=monitor, etc.). If cost is an issue, then Apache Directory Studio is a great free option. If you need a quick, down and dirty Java tool, consider JXplorer.

    But these tools only allow you to work with the data. For operations tasks (import/export, backup/restore, etc.) then you should use the tools provided with DJ. For administrative tasks (policy config, connection handlers, global acis, etc.) you should definitely learn/use the nuances of the dsconfig command that ships with DJ. For monitoring tasks, there are many options including monitoring the cn=monitor suffix, the tool called “cn=monitor” (see sourceforge), or (shameless plug here) my favorite, RockMon (The ForgeRock Monitor).

    I have been working with OpenDS/OpenDJ since the the product was first introduced. I stopped using the gui Control Panel early on, however, given its limitations.



    Bill, got your answer. Thanks very much for the detailed explanation!

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