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    Ok, so basic question for sure, but how do you create a “new user” and assign roles to that user, once having installed OpenAM War into tomcat. I would have thought I could do it via that app, but it’s alluding me. I also read that it comes with an embedded identity service – is it LDAP? what are the default connection/admin to this service?
    thanks for clarifying for me.


    little bit more information, that I’ve gathered.
    1) OpenAM comes with a default identity provider – can’t tell what type of idP it is. since it’s not listening on standard ldap ports for queries.
    2) Using the OpenAM UI/console, I can see the left-side-menu item for “Subjects” (once I click on the “realm” – incidentally I created a new realm, named “myrealm” as well used the default root level realm – no difference in the issue I’m facing) – I get a login page again, when I click on Subjects – and I login with “amAdmin” (again – as I just logged in to get to this page), but it then just logs me back into main admin/console screen – not a “Subjects” screen, where I was hoping to be able to add or edit users.

    Please help… thanks!

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