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    New to AM and utilizing QuickStart Guide to do prelim testing. Set up a Ubuntu server with Apache and Tomcat. Both appear to be running fine. Deployed the AM war (it did deploy), but AM will not seem to start (nothing listening on 8443, etc) Looking for any common issues in what I would think is a vanilla scenario. Plus having trouble finding any relevant AM debug logs. Thanks in advance for any help.

     Jatinder Singh

    When you deploy AM war for the first time in Apache Tomcat, the process would simply explode the war under webapps directory and serve AM Configuration Options page in the browser. The next step would be to configure AM in order to use it for your access management requirements. Now, if you are not seeing the AM Configuration Options page, that indicates either a problem with the war or your container configuration.

    Where did you download the AM war file from? And are you able to see the Tomcat management page at https://your_domain:8443/?


    AM war file came from this site. I am not seeing the AP config page appear. I can get to the Tomcat management page at mydomain:8080. Should I be also be seeing a differnet page on port 8443? My first time working with Tomcat. Thanks

     Jatinder Singh

    Since you are working with Tomcat for the first time and essentially testing AM, I would suggest to keep things simple and use port 8080 without SSL configuration. If you can see Tomcat home page at port 8080, check to see if you can access AM through the same port. For example, if you named your AM war file am.war, you should see Configuration Options at http://your_domain:8080/am.

    Hope this helps!

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