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    Hi , I want to setup user authentication for a group of users access to a group of servers (RH Linux) only. Say Dev team should have access to Dev servers only.
    Understand this can be achieved using netgroups (for hosts).

    1. Does OpenDJ 3.5 supports Netgroups (for hosts) functionality ?
    2. Is there any documentation/Steps that covers how to setup netgroups with OpenDJ for linux machines ?

    There is no info reg. netgroup in Installation guide for OpenDJ 3.5
    Tried searching in internet, couldn’t find any useful links.
    Any help offered will be much appreciated.



    Netgroups is a schema element defined by a specific set of client applications, namely Linux naming services.
    The OpenDJ schema has support of nisnetgroups out of the box, in the 04-rfc2307bis.ldif schema file.
    However, since NetGroups is not a server specific feature, it is normal that there is nothing in the OpenDJ manuals to describe how Linux machines should be configured to use OpenDJ. Please refer to your Linux documentation on how to configure it for LDAP. OpenDJ is a LDAPv3 compliant and has been used by many people for Naming Services.

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