Need to connect a 2nd isolated LDAP to OpenAM 13.5

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    I currently have an existing OpenAM 13.5 environment that is connected to LDAP. I have been tasked with finding a way to hook up a second distinct LDAP to my current environment. I have only been able to find documents about how to setup a primary and secondary LDAP which are replicated. Is there a way to connect 2 discrete LDAP instances to one OpenAM environment? Any help would be appreciated.

     Bill Nelson 

    Are you looking to use the second LDAP instance for authentication, as an identity data store, or both?

    If for authentication, just configure a second LDAP auth module and include it in your chain as desired. If you are using it as a second identity data store, just configure a second LDAP instance in the Data Stores section for your realm. Just keep in mind that there are “nuances” with having additional data stores when it comes to searching (only the first match is found in the first data store) or user management (changes flow to BOTH data stores).


    Thanks for your quick response Bill! At this point it looks like it will just be for Authentication. That sounds easy enough. As far as the “nuances”, if changes are made to the original LDAP instance it will replicate to both instances? Anything else I should know about before I look further into doing this? Thanks!

     Andy Cory 

    If you have two datastores defined, OpenAM will attempt to update them both, yes. This is not a reliable way to keep identities in sync between datastores though. It’s definitely more of a ‘nuance’ than a feature, IMO!


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