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     Matt Mencel

    I’m migrating from an old SunDS 5.2 directory. I need mailRoutingAddress. It’s in an old 50ns-mail.ldif schema file, but that file also has a ton of other schema entries I don’t use or need. As I’m moving schema files over I’m trying to eliminate all the garbage and old schemas we don’t use.

    Can I just add the misc.schema file from the OpenLDAP project? It has mailRoutingAddress in it.


    Hi Matt,

    The format for OpenDJ schema files is the same as Sun Directory Server, but with a stricter compliance to the standard notation. And it is slightly different from the one used in OpenLDAP.
    But I have written a script that can be used to convert OpenLDAP schema files into OpenDJ format :


     Matt Mencel


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