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     Morten Lømo

    I have configured OpenIDM to use MySQL as repository. I startup OpenIDM (./ Then I login as openidm-admin into OpenIDM User UI and add a user. When I query the MySQL database I find the user that I just created. The column “Fullobject” in the managedobjects table contains:

    “mail”:”[email protected]”,
    “lastPasswordAttempt”:”Sun Jun 14 2015 21:09:20 GMT+0200 (CEST)”,

    and the managedobjectproperties table contains:

    mysql> select * from managedobjectproperties;
    | managedobjects_id | propkey | proptype | propvalue |
    | 1 | /mail | java.lang.String | [email protected] |
    | 1 | /sn | java.lang.String | Lomo |
    | 1 | /givenName | java.lang.String | Morten |
    | 1 | /lastPasswordSet | java.lang.String | |
    | 1 | /accountStatus | java.lang.String | active |
    | 1 | /roles/0 | java.lang.String | openidm-authorized |
    | 1 | /userName | java.lang.String | morl |
    7 rows in set (0.00 sec)

    1. Where do you define which attributes that are stored in the Fullobject column in the managedobjects table? Can I modify this (add some more attributes)?

    2. Where do you define which attributes that are stored in the managedobjectproperties table?

     Rogerio Rondini


    That is the beauty of flexible data model.

    Attributes are defined in the sync.json for each mapping.

    Rogerio Rondini

     Jake Feasel
     Morten Lømo

    Thanks. I will look more into this. Two more questions while I am at it:

    1. I find a sync.json file e.g. here: ../openidm/samples/usecase/usecase1/conf), but not here: ../openidm/conf). Is that because you get a default configuration if you leave the sync.json file out?

    2. Can I add attributes to the sync.json file and still use the OpenIDM User UI and the Open IDM Admin UI? Or are the two UIs very sensitive to the contents of the sync.json file so I must be very careful about what I do to the sync.json file if I want to use the two UIs?

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