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    Do I have the possibility to provide the user multiple authentication options (lets say chains) and to choose what authentication method he prefers?
    I have got an application which is protected by the (Apache) web policy agent.
    The B2B Portal is used by different user types. For example agents and employees.
    The agents should use the 2 Factor authentication chain and the employees the SAML chain.
    – URL1: http://xx.xx/openamm/2Factorchain
    – URL2: http://xx.xx/openamm/SAMLchain

    Is it possible to configure OpenAM/Policy Agent to decide on the authentication module or authentication chain depending on the link?
    Any idea´s how to handle this scenario with OpenAM and the policy agent?

    OpenAM 13.5, Web Policy Agent 4.0.1

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     Peter Major

    When working with the agents you can:
    * use conditional login URL. In this case the login URL will be determined based on the domain (IIRC) that was accessed.
    * use resource based authentication. In this case the authentication method will be determined based on the policies configured for the protected resources.

    OpenAM can display an authentication selection page if authentication level based authentication is used, but that’s about it. If you need more complex ways, you will probably need to write your own landing page for authentication instead.


    Thanks Peter,

    I will look at this topic much in detail…
    Thanks for response


    Hi Peter,

    I am currently trying out OpenAM 13 and cannot seem to find any field within OpenAM to set this agent property com.sun.identity.agents.config.conditional.login.url

    Agent in used is a j2ee policy agent.

     Andy Cory

    Hi Cedric

    This property (strictly it’s a property array) is not yet available in the GUI. To set it, you need to use the ssoadm command line tool.


     Peter Major

    You can set these properties as free form properties in the UI under the advanced/misc tab of the agent configuration.

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