Moving AM6.5 application to new server

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    Dear respected Experts,

    is there a way to move an AM installation from one server to another? I plan to move the AM6.5 application from IBM WAS 8.5.5 to IBM WAS 9 (new server).
    I will install a new AM6.5 application on the IBM WAS 9 server
    How to connect a new installation with an existing DS, where is the configuration and CTS?

    Thank you for your help
    Sorry for my english

     Jatinder Singh

    So, you are upgrading the WAS J2EE container – but are you on the same physical server?


    no, we will move to new physical server

     Jatinder Singh

    One of the options is to stand it as a second instance instead of “moving”. Once stood-up, route traffic to your new server > do testing > and then retire your first instance. Below are high level steps:

    Pre-requisites to recover previous state:
    1. Take backup of the config ds;
    2. Take amster export backup;
    3. Also backup your current amconfig directory.

    1. As suggested above, use amster to add new server as a second instance. You will need to provide existing server id, password encryption key, config ds and other parameters in the command;
    2. Copy Keystores and Password files from Server1 to your new Server2;
    3. Restart and add your second server in the load balancer pool;
    4. Shutdown Server1 and continue to test Server2;
    5. Once you have tested all your scenarios – delete Server1 from the Servers list under Deployment. You may also want to remove it from the load balancer pool.
    6. Remove Server1 from the DNS Aliases list in the Root realm.
    7. Now you have Server2 running on your upgraded WAS and connected to existing config and cts;

    Hope this helps!


    Thank you, i will test

     Andy Cory

    Nice list of steps – I would have definitely forgotten step 6!

     Jatinder Singh

    Thanks! :)

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