monitoring replication for HA

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    I want enable a load balancer for using all free server OpenDj.

    I want to now if is possible monitoring state of replication (enable, missing change ect).

    For example, I check if one node have missing change and in this way I exclude it to balancing.




    Yes it is possible to monitor replication. The information is available through the dsreplication status command or through regular monitoring information which can be accessed using LDAP (under cn=monitor), JMX and now REST (admin/monitor endpoint).
    Note that the missing change value may be very volatile… Because it’s a computation between distributed systems, it’s possible that both computation of missing changes and replication of these changes are being processed in parallel.
    You might want to monitor when the missing changes are increasing over time, and not that it’s just greater than zero.


    Hi Ludo,

    can you write the LDAP Filter that I must use for receive the missing change value for one OpenDj server?


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