Missing policy actions in OpenAM 12?

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     Brad Tumy

    About a month ago I upgrade an environment to 11.0.2 which made available additional policy actions (DELETE, PUT, etc). I just upgraded the same environment to 12.0.0 and I can’t seem to find those new actions, only GET and POST are available in the new policy editor. I first assumed that this was due to these policies being related to referrals in the top realm but I am seeing the same behavior in all realms when creating a new policy. I don’t see anything about this in the Release Documents (Known Issues).

    Any insight on this is greatly appreciated.

     Victor Ake

    Hi Brad, Without verifying, it sounds to me like an upgrade bug. With a fresh installation you get those actions in OpenAM 12. Please raise an issue in Bugster and check if the OpenAM team verifies the issue.

     Peter Major

    This sounds very similar to https://bugster.forgerock.org/jira/browse/OPENAM-4696 , but I would expect PUT and DELETE to be still present after the upgrade. Could be that you’ve incorrectly added the custom actions to 11.0.2 somehow?

     Brad Tumy

    In OPENAM-4696 AM 12 is overwriting custom actions. In our case the out of the box actions that were added (by ForgeRock) in AM 11.0.2 are not present after upgrading to AM 12.

    In this particular instance I don’t have any custom actions. I was only using the native actions that are available in 11.0.2.

     Brad Tumy
     Peter Major

    FYI, as listed in the JIRA ticket, the workaround is to run the following ssoadm command:

    $ openam/bin/ssoadm set-appl -e / -m iPlanetAMWebAgentService -u amadmin -f .pass \
    -D appl.txt

    where appl.txt’s content is:


    If I’m not mistaken this issue should only happen if you’ve updated from a version that hasn’t previously supported the extra set of actions (so in most scenarios this will be unfortunately true).

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    One more question: can I add non HTTP method actions such as EXECUTE, LIST, etc?

    Many thx

     Peter Major
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