Missing deprecated endpoint in KB article a54451431?

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     Andy Cory 

    Hi doc guys

    I was looking at https://backstage.forgerock.com/knowledge/kb/article/a54451431 during some research for an IA around a product upgrade for a customer. The list of endpoints deprecated in AM5 includes /json/sessions/?_action=getPropertyNames and /json/sessions/?_action=setProperty but doesn’t include /json/sessions/?_action=getProperty. Isn’t the getProperty action also deprecated, and should be listed?



    Hi Andy

    You are correct, that endpoint is also deprecated. I have now updated that KB article to include it.

    Please note, there is an option in all KB articles to send feedback (link at bottom of article) and will ensure the feedback comes straight in to the KB team.


     Andy Cory 

    Hi Dom

    Thanks for that – I spotted that link, but only after posting this post!


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