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    Is there a guide to migrate from external to embedded configuration store ? (I found only the opposite way in Forgerock knowledge base). Also what are the advantages and disadvantages between having configuration store configured as external or embedded ?
    Thank you for help

     Andy Cory

    Hi Visin

    I believe the only advantage of using the embedded config store is simplicity, so is good for a local dev instance, a PoC or similar. In all other ‘real life’ scenarios best practice would be to use an external DS instance. The headline advantages of externalising the config store would be those of scalability, separation of concerns, ease of DS patching, flexibility of architecture (as in, you don’t necessarily need a config store instance per AM in a deployment with many servers – spinning up extra AM instances can be more lightweight, and point to an existing cluster of DS config stores, leading to AM instances being more ‘disposable’.)

    That’s my view, but I’d definitely be interested in others’ opinions on this. I’m aware I haven’t answered your primary question of migration from external to internal, I wonder if that’s ever been done.


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