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     Timothy E.

    Hi Everyone,

    I am trying to map an additional theme to the ThemeConfiguration file however everytime I try to add an additional theme, every page will then be blank and the logo displayed in the browser would be the Tomcat logo instead of Forgerock. I can confirm that I am able to put the files in the correct directory and the custom theme is working properly however the 2nd doesn’t.

    Is this the correct syntax?

    mappings: [
    // Use the theme with the key “my-theme” if the realm is either /my-realm or /my/sub-realm.
    { theme: “fr-dark”, realms: [“/themeTest”, “/”, “/customer”] }
    { theme: “bdo-dark”, realms: [“/darkThemeTest”] }
    The fr-dark theme is working properly however when I add the Bdo-dark it does not(all pages go blank).

    Thanks in advance!

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     William Hepler

    I don’t see anything against it, but documentation says you must have a default theme.

    I think it’s the format your using as you shouldn’t have to repeat Theme:
    Go back to the Orignal and try listing one theme section but multiple themes under it like the doc:

    theme: {
    “default”: { … },
    “fr-dark”, realms: [“/themeTest”, “/”, “/customer”],
    “bdo-dark”,realms: [“/darkThemeTest”] }

     Todd Story

    Also, noticed that the following syntax requires a comma to separate your themes (end of line 1):
    { theme: “fr-dark”, realms: [“/themeTest”, “/”, “/customer”] },
    { theme: “bdo-dark”, realms: [“/darkThemeTest”] }

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