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    I want to edit managed object schema in orde to add more attributes and also to change some attributes configuration.
    Could anyone tell me where is this information ? I know that in the 5.0 version I would be able to change it in “managed.json” file but in this version I don´t know where is this configuration file.

    Thanks for the support.


     Bill Nelson

    In earlier versions (the pre managed.json days), the schema was somewhat unstructured. You could essentially send whatever properties that you wanted as part of a PUT request and OpenIDM would include them in the full object.

    Give it a shot, just add additional attributes to the payload during a create operation to see what behavior this has on the managed object?


    Okay! so I can add any aditional attribute in the schema, can´t I?

     Sebastien Gagne

    Note that putting “extra” (not defined in schema) values also work in IDM 5.0. It can be done via REST or scripts.


    But I don´t want add extra attributes via Rest, but configure the managed.json file (or another in version 2.1) to change for example if an attribute is editable, or ciewable.. like in version 5.0 I paste below:

    “postalAddress” : {
    “type” : “string”,
    “title” : “Address 1”,
    “viewable” : true,
    “userEditable” : true

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