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    In my OpenDJ, some people have no email address or email address with “.localdomain”.
    When my OpenIDM synchronizes with my OpenDJ , I have a sync error, So normal.
    But I would like my OpenIDM does not control email address or accept “.localdomain”
    I try to find the file to edit , without success.
    Do you know where i can edit the file ?



    You are looking for openidm/conf/policy.json
    See Integrator’s guide.

    Hope this helps,



    Thank you for your help.

    I’ve another question; Do you know how to create an empty field (eg: “age of the person”) ?
    And after link this field with OpenDJ ?


    “empty” depends on the type of your data. If this is a string, you can just assign “” to it.
    About linking to OpenDJ, this would be done as with other properties.

    Installation and Integrator’s guide are good resources for such questions. Please read them, try some things and come back with some concrete examples of what you are trying to achieve, what you tried and what problem you encounter.


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