Loop, Try to follow Chapter 5. After login the page

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    I follow chapter 5 in openig gateway guide.
    Getting login credentials from openam.
    when I test login from url http://www.example.com:8080/replay
    I can login pass, but something wrong. like this

     Rajesh R

    @sarankon-hir The OpenIG log file can give more informatio on why this is happening.

    From what I guess, this might be a configuration error in OpenAM. When I did the screen-cast for this activity, I ran into similar issues and all of them were configuration errors in OpenAM (specifically spelling mistakes in the OpenAM Configuration parameters, or Post Authentication Plugin name etc.). Could you please double check.

    I can confirm that the steps in documentation works as expected.



    @rajeshr, Thank You ❤❤❤
    my cookie domain was wrong.

     Rajesh R

    @sarankon-hir Good to hear you got it working :-)

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