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    I have configured a CDSSO route. The authentication is working and IG at least seems to be loading the site based on the chrome tab name. My problem is all I see is a white screen. In my route.system.log I can see the error “no handler to dispatch to for URI ‘http://*******************************:8080/static/js/main.a45a8f82.chunk.js’ The site has some javascript that needs to load and it seems that IG is not allowing that to happen. What is the appropriate course of action for this problem? Do I need a 2nd handler in my route, is that even possible?


    I use to get this ‘no handler to dispatch to’ message when a request does not match any condition in the route.
    Example: My route has condition like ‘/api/v2/auth-context’ and I have given the request like http://openig.example.com:8080/rest/user/info

    For the above request, I use to get no handler to dispatch to because there is no match condition /rest/* in the route.
    Success case : When I try http://openig.example.com:8080/api/v2/auth-context request, I get 200 status code because it matches the condition in the route.

    Please have a look in your route for any syntax errors and match condition.

    Hope it may helps.


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