Load Balancing and High Availability with OpenDJ

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    Hi Folks,

    I’m trying to set up load balancing and high availability with OpenDJ as User Data Store. Here I have some questions.

    1. Is replication a different concept in the load balancing and HA context? High availability means that one instance fails, another instance will come into play so that the data is still accessible. Yet, a replication server only replicates data and can be used to restore data in case of data loss.

    2. Can we use multi-master topology? Multi-master means multiple opendj instances are actively serving data. The problem is how to sync up data if there is change on one instance.

    3. Can we use master/slave topology? How to set this up?





    Replication provides high availability of the data stored in the directory server. It’s up to the application connecting to the server to handle the load balancing and failover.
    As for the remaining of your questions, you will find all complete and detailed answers in the Directory Services documentation and more specifically the Replication sections.

    Kind regards


    New here but,

    With our current LDAPs we use multi master to keep multiple databases synchronised. For applications that allow multiple LDAP end points to be configured, we allow the application to control its own connections. For the many applications that can not allow multiple LDAP end points, we provide an F5 load balancer in front of the LDAPs. We create a health check user, a record within the suffix that the application is using and a restrictive ACL allowing the F5 to query the single ‘health check’ record. The F5 then can determine whether the LDAP port is up AND functional. The F5 then balances the application connections across the available and in service LDAP backends.



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    Hi Ludo and Andy,

    This is very helpful information. I probably need to dig more but thanks for those advice.


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