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    Anyone that think a security aware company can use OpenDJ commercial release?

    I am checking up OpenDJ up for a huge company. But I will probably go for something else as security is really important.

    Any comments to this in the license agreement?
    5.1. Usage Data. Customer hereby acknowledges that the Software contains features and functionality that enables ForgeRock to track and receive automated communications from the Software regarding Customer’s usage of the Software (the “Usage Data”). By installing the Software, Customer hereby expressly consents to the Software’s automated transmission of the Usage Data to ForgeRock.

    and the above is one of a few problems with the license…

    If you have a critical authentication service, Forgerock must be out of their minds if they think a huge company will allow this traffic out. It seems you must allow this to agree to the license.

    Please enlighten me if I am wrong here…


     Peter Major 

    It sounds like you are trying to download the evaluation version of the product. If you have bought the product, there is a different terms and conditions that comes with it (and then you would download the non-evaluation version of the product).


    Ahhh. Tnx…Didn’t know that.

    Yes, I have used the free 2.5.1 Xpress and 2.6. Now looking for 6.x and have downloaded the eval version.

    Do you maybe know if it is possible to see the bought product license online as well without buying it?

     Peter Major 
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