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    Hello everyone!

    I have a LDAP connector with my OpenIDM database.

    I’m trying to add several users from a LDAP LDIF backup file including the users passwords.

    To do that, I just created several CURL commands but I’m having many problems with password thing.

    The password from LDIF is {SSHA}hash and I used base64encode to generate a string from it and then put this string on a curl command, in the “password” field.

    But OpenIDM keeps generating different password when it converts from userPassword (local openidm database) to password (ldap) each time I add the SAME password, I don’t know why this is happening. Why the same string can be encoded to a different crypto and then this crypto, when decrypted, generate a different string, not the same that I just added…

    In my sync.json file I just did this:
    “condition” : {
    “type” : “text/javascript”,
    “source” : “object.password != null”
    “transform” : {
    “type” : “text/javascript”,
    “source” : “openidm.decrypt(source);”
    “source” : “password”,
    “target” : “userPassword”

    and in the provisioner:

    “passwordHashAlgorithm” : null,
    “passwordAttribute” : “userPassword”,

    “userPassword” : {
    “nativeName” : “userPassword”,
    “type” : “string”,
    “required” : false,
    “nativeType” : “string”

    Can someone help me?


    You need to leave the password in LDIF as {SSHA}hash prior to the import. Don’t encode it to base64 before the import.
    I am guessing you have the option to import pre-encoded passwords in OpenDJ on.

    Before you do the import, just do a simple test against opendj with an ldif that has user dn and the hashed password. Take a look here

    If that works your import should work as well.
    OpenDJ allows for either importing a plaintext password or a pre-encoded password (once that option is turned on).

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