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    Hi All..

    I am newbie about this OpenAM module. I have several question about OpenAM:
    1. There are more than 2000 user on my LDAP, I want to integrate it to OpenAM but I only managed to add 1000 user LDAP to my subject list. I already increase “Maximum Results Returned from Search” value to 10000. I expected it can return all my LDAP user, how I should do to do this?
    2. I want to ask is that possible for WebAgent 3.3.4 t to be installed on apache virtual host?

     Peter Major

    1) The Subjects tab only displays a portion of the available users, you should not worry about that. OpenAM will be still able to find them for authentication or profile attributes regardless. The limit is there to ensure that OpenAM is not going to keep the directory server too busy..
    2) I believe only the v4 agents support VirtualHost specific installations.


    @peter-major : thanks you peter for your kindly answer. Now I should use WebAgent 4 instead

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