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    I am testing an LDAP connector (1.4.x) that has a very big set of custom attributes defined in the properties of objectType “account”.

    When I check the OpenDJ logs (target) I can see the search filter just before a sync containing all the attributes available in the connector provisioner file, this creates a lot of overhead in the logs and DB (and a long river when you scroll).

    SEARCH REQ conn=15 op=396 msgID=397 base=”dc=example,dc=com” scope=wholeSubtree filter=”(&(entryUUID=eb1ff4d6-fd77-442a-a886-cb6d62ac0aa3)(&(objectClass=top)(objectClass=person)(objectClass=organizationalPerson)(objectClass=inetOrgPerson)(objectClass=customObjectClass)))” attrs=”customattribute1,customattribute2,…customattribute1000″

    How can I limit the search request of attributes to attrs=”ALL” from OpenIDM?

    I tried to modify the request, but could only alter the filter for objectCLasses and using attributesToSynchronize is not an option here because potentially all the attributes in the provisioner file are in scope.
    Even better would be to have control of the ATTRS TO GET list.

    Any ideas how to shorten the search request from the LDAP connector?

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