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    If I use LDAP connector to connect to an Active Directory, I have to config or install something on Windows AD to allow show users and groups? Because I have the connector created and It was Active and Ok but I cant see users and groups.

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     Bill Nelson 

    There is nothing that you have to configure on AD; all configuration is performed on the IDM side. Now, having said that, if you are not seeing users or groups, then the odds are that your connector is not configured correctly (host/port/credentials/baseDN/userFilter/groupFilter).

    Test that the information you are using is correct with an LDAP client first

    ldapsearch -h -p 1389 -D “cn=admin user,ou=specialusers,dc=foo,” -w securePass -b “ou=people,dc=foo,” -s sub objectclass=*

    Of course, you could always look at the IDM logs to see what the issue is….

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