Latest code in Stash public repos have fixes, etc?

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    Does the code in the public ForgeRock stash repos (openam-public, *-public, etc) have the latest patches and security fixes? Looks like only major releases are kept in those repos. Where can I get the latest code for OpenDJ and OpenAM?


    Short answer we don’t know yet, but it’s possible that trunk/master won’t be available anymore (just major version releases), and that this is acceptable under the open source license they use, CDDL.

    Some ForgeRock sales reps gave me the heads up about this change, and they suggested it might have been due to integrators in Europe that create their own OpenAM releases based off the trunk which they sell themselves. I suppose this is similar to a RHEL/CentOS situation and that ForgeRock is trying to protect their investment as they are a 99% contributor of the source code, which is not the same for RHEL/CentOS.

    I am curious myself to know the answer too, as I occasionally contribute small bugfixes, and I had one in-flight when the change went through, so I don’t know what the new process will be. Maybe subscribers will eventually get trunk access back? Or instead, subscribers have to write patches for the most recent released patch version of OpenAM and the ForgeRock employees will “forward-port”? to the trunk/master.

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