JE Backend Error on version 4.x

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    dsconfig create-backend –backend-name cts-store –set base-dn:dc=cts,dc=cc,dc=com –set enabled:true –type je –trustAll –port xxxx –no-prompt –propertiesFilePath /tmp/

    The JE Backend could not be created because of the following reason:

    * Unwilling to Perform: The Directory Server is unwilling to add
    configuration entry ds-cfg-backend-id=cts-store,cn=Backends,cn=config
    because one of the add listeners registered with the parent entry
    cn=Backends,cn=config rejected this change with the message:
    Configuration attribute ds-cfg-db-cache-percent has a value of 50% but
    the JVM has only 0% available

    Could you please help me to overcome this

     Mark Craig

    When using multiple backends, you’ll want to adjust the db-cache-percent values so they add up to 100 or less as described in the docs at


    I have exactly the same error:

    * Unwilling to Perform: Entry
    ds-cfg-backend-id=userRoot,cn=Backends,cn=config cannot be modified
    because one of the configuration change listeners registered for that
    entry rejected the change: Configuration attribute
    ds-cfg-db-cache-percent has a value of 50% but the JVM has only 0%

    The answer given above done not make any sense. The percent of allocated cache is NOT more than 100%. I have only one userRoot backend with 50% for cache. Its the Java VM that seems to have 0% allocation.

    Please help, how do I increase the JVM cache percentage?



    The cause of your issue seems to be that there is no heap memory left for the caching. You need to set JVM size keeping in consideration the total size of the backend DB(S). For optimal performance, the “db-cache-size” should be larger than the sum of the DB file sizes. For instance, if the total backend size is 1GB, then you might want to set JVM size to at least 2GB with db-cache-percent set at 50%.

    You can adjust the minimum and maximum heap size using “” property in file located in path_to_Opendj/config/. -Xms2g -Xmx2g

    You can use dsconfig command to set the db-cache-percent as per your requirements.
    ./dsconfig set-backend-prop --port4444 ---bindPassword password --backend-name userRoot --set db-cache-percent:60 --trustAll --no-prompt

    Alternatively, you can also use “db-cache-size” property in file to provide a specific amount (such as 2GB) of heap for caching.

    You may refer to following link for further details: “”

    Hope this helps !

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